Welcome to SFCS
We promote higher and further education colleges and universities based in the UK, as well as a network of educational institutes and work-based courses being offered around the world. Our mission is to make education affordable for students, wherever they are from and whatever their background is.

So, we organise fairs and events for students around the world to promote opportunities for them to receive quality and affordable education from some of the leading independent Colleges and Universities in the UK and abroad.

We further offer services from our student support offices based in London and Dubai.

Our Network

We are always looking for opportunities to build and strengthen business relations with other companies. So we work together with hundreds of genuine and carefully vetted agents throughout the world who act as our sub-agents.

We actively travel around the world to train our sub-agents about the new rules and government policies of the Institutions that we work with. We also participate in various agent seminars including ICEF and already have a strong sub-agent network in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ghana and Brazil.

Work Based Courses

We also promote courses that are relevant to today's employment and career opportunity environment. With these types of courses, students can learn and earn at the same time.

The skills and knowledge gained by students ensure that they have high marketability and good employment prospects. We further make sure that they are given sufficient training before they are sent out for work placements as flexible, well-equipped employees.

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